Why Apply to SoftStack Factory?

Job Outlook for web developers and software developers for 2012-2022 is 20% to 22%. That is much faster than the average, so why is there a shortage of well prepared labor in this area? SoftStack Factory combines intensive learning style of a bootcamp, with a simulated On the Job (OTJ) training phase by solving real world like problem, that then can lead to entry level job opportunities.
— Bureau of Labor Statistics




SoftStack Factory is looking for motivated millennials that want to find their paths in the technology field, where the opportunities are endless. SSF will not only help young people change their lives, but also change how technology companies work.  


Application process and class structure

First complete the application and then the temperament test. Applicants will be invited to attend our qualifier phase a 4 week "Intro to Javascript and HTML" class which meets twice a week Monday and Wednesday Evenings 6 - 10pm . The course work consists of several introductory topics,  assessment projects and a final test to qualify for the follow on phases. Selected students must provide a $125 donation to attend the qualifying class.


After completing the qualifier satisfactorily, students are invited to continue to phase two (space is limited). The second phase is our “JavaScript MEAN Stack Spin-Up” course. This is an 8 week introductory course focused on learning the basic skills to program. Students focus on learning Javascript as their primary programing language, HTML5 and CSS, they also learn Angular a MVC framework, NodeJS and StrongLoop framework to create backends to support the web applications and web services. Students selected for this course must provide a $250 donation.


After successfully completing phase two, students are invited to proceed to our third phase.  Our “Hybrid Mobile Application Development with Ionic" a 4 week course. Ionic mobile framework allows you to create hybrid mobile application expanding on the knowledge gained in phase two. Students selected for this course must provide a $125 donation.

Phase four currently our final step the "Real World Project" is an 8 week course where you will use the previous skills learned, then learn project oriented skills and complete a team project. This allows students to focus on more advanced skills and teamwork as they work on a real world project with other students and mentors. To attend this last course, students must have completed all introductory courses and be invited by SSF due to limited seats. This course requires a $250 donation.

The donations provide to attend each phase by the students helps support SSF and demonstrates an initial commitment of the selected students to the program.  

All of our classes consist of two 4 hour meetups a week, Monday and Wednesday from 6PM to 10PM. This allows students to attend classes in the evening and keep their daily activities. Classes are taught at the Union Cowork within the Learn Academy area, which is located at 704 J St, San Diego, CA 92101

To graduate on each course students will be expected to take finals that will put to practice all the skills they learned. All classes must be completed satisfactorily to receive a certificate of completion.

*You need to be in the Greater San Diego Area to qualify and need to be able to attend classes in the San Diego Area

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