Frequently asked questions



SoftStack Factory has changed to a 24 week part-time program with a small fee donation. Some information on this page, especially the videos might be outdated and represent some of the program's original direction. If you have any questions please visit our program page and application page.

1-Where did SoftStack Factory come from?

Our CEO Harold Gottschalk had been working on this concept and idea for a couple of years, until he was challenged by a friend to get the idea out of the paper and finally make it happen. So on January 2015, SoftStack Factory started.





2-Can anybody learn how to code?

We believe that anybody can learn how to code. It is a lot easier today because we have built so many frameworks, that now it is just like gluing pieces together, and using logic to put those pieces together.


3-How can SSF re-shore North america with prepared professionals?

The environment of the technology industry is very competitive now in America. If we go and see the near shore opportunities the prices will be very elevated compared to what they have been 15, 10 years ago.
And since the type of work that is available today, is a type of work that anyone can do, why not help people do that work? In this area, wages are growing so we see here a great opportunity for people to start earning money and continue for a long time.

So when we get people started in this technology field, they can excel in it and be part of the community here, and like that we leave our money here and that grows our community here.


4-Why is SoftStack Factory Different?

Most coding bootcamps are targeted to a different audience, that audience is typically a career changer that has savings or can finance a bootcamp. Typical bootcamps cost somewhere around $10,000 - $15,000 for someone to participate and this limits a lot of young adults, because they don’t have that money to attend.

The SoftStack Factory program is different in that we provide a program that is funded by donations from the community, students provide a small donation to attend and give back by volunteering to keep our cost down.



5-How can we guarantee the quality of the program?

The quality will be guaranteed by the processes we put in place. We teach the students a series of processes that are built around delivering quality. And then on top of it we have senior developers on staff that help if there is any issue going on.


6-What are the students going to learn?

During our 24 weeks program, the students are going to learn web technologies that deliver mobile applications. Mobile is a big part of the future, that is why we want to focus on those technologies that are in great demand. That when you open the newspaper, everyone is looking for those people.


7-How is the qualification process to get in the program?

The application/acceptance process is a 3 step process. First fill out our application.

Once we receive your applications we ask you to take a quick personality quiz this is step 2 . We will then review your application and personality quiz and let you know if you made it to step 3. Step 3 consist of our "Intro to Javascript and HTML" course work, which consists of 4 weeks of assessment projects and a final test to qualify for the follow up step.



8-Does SoftStack Factory provide job placement?

We can’t guarantee job placement.


We are not able to provide any kind of visa documentation or provide any type of visa.


SoftStack Factory is focused on Millennials, but not limited to them.


SoftStack Factory is focused on San Diego residents and we do not recommend applying if you are not from the area.