Data Science Program

This 3 month program is broken down into 2 distinct parts. Intro to Python for Data Science and Data Science and Machine Learning.

The first four weeks will consist of Intro to Python for Data Science, where you will pick up the fundamentals of python, numpy, pandas and exploratory analysis.

After grasping the fundamentals we put those work in Data Science and Machine learning. In this course you will develop data cleaning, feature engineering, algorithm selection, and model training skills.  At the end of the course students will be able to work on a final project with a given a data set. They will go through each of the steps covered and build a model on their own.

WHY IN person vs Online

With online learning there is an average of 3.13 percent completion rate. Source. We partnered up with and take a hybrid approach. Each week we have an in person lecture and get you started on your homework. Outside of class you still have access to facilitators and other students through our program to ask questions anytime, while having full access to datacamp to advance your learning.

We believe in the value of shared experience at SoftStack Factory. The more problems you experience with code the better, whether it is your code or someone else’s. The goal is to 10x your learning experience.

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
— Latin Proverb

Who is this for?

All Levels
If you are beginner or an analyst looking to pick the basics starting with Intro to Python is perfect.

If you have a computer science degree and are tired of theory and outdated tech, come get your hands dirty on the latest web technologies and build something using practical skills.


All Data Science Classes are held two evenings a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:00pm - 9:30 pm.


Must be able to attend in person
Bring a laptop
Be curious and ask questions


The total program cost is $750, however we collect the donation as you progress through the track.


You can access the complete course syllabus here



Intro to Python for Data Science

Learn the fundamentals of the Python, while introducing the most relevant Python libraries for manipulating and visualizing data.

Starts Sept. 3rd - $250 Donation
Open to all levels, great for analysts and beginners

Data Science & Machine Learning

8 week course, that requires previous knowledge of python and can only be taken together.

Working With Data - 4 weeks

Students cover the techniques that real life data scientists use to gain insight into a dataset. From data engineering, to more advanced manipulation and visualizations; this course will show you how to unlock the secrets of any dataset — with the expressed goal of building experiments that require the building of a hypothesis function or “Model”.


Building and Evaluating ML Models - 4 weeks

In part 2, we will learn how to build your own Machine Learning models, We will be using the popular SciKit Learn and TensorFlow libraries to show you how Data Scientists “learn” a model to a dataset and how to make predictions with those models. We will also be covering the finer points of ML Modeling, namely Data Prep, Parameter Selection, and testing Model performance.