Data Science & Machine Learning

Program Overview

This 3 month course is broken down into 2 distinct modules which cover Python fundamentals, exploratory analysis, data cleaning, feature engineering, algorithm selection, and model training.  At the end of the course students will be able to work on a final project with a given a dataset similar to datasets worked with throughout the course. They will go through each of the steps covered and build a model on their own.

Course Schedule

Classes are two evenings a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:00pm to 9:30 pm.


The course modules cost are $500 for DS 101 and $1000 for DS 201 but we have an introductory discount of 50%.


Module 1 - DS 101


Intro to Python for Data Science

Learn the fundamentals of the Python, while introducing the most relevant Python libraries for manipulating and visualizing data.

Open to all levels

Module 2- DS 201
Data Science/Machine Learning

8 week course, that requires previous knowledge of python and can only be taken together.

DS 201-1 Working With Data

In DS 201-1, we will cover the techniques that real life data scientists use to gain insight into a dataset. From data engineering, to more advanced manipulation and visualizations; this course will show you how to unlock the secrets of any dataset — with the expressed goal of building experiments that require the building of a hypothesis function or “Model”.


DS 201-2 Building and Evaluating ML Models

In DS 201-2, we will learn how to build your own Machine Learning models, We will be using the popular SciKit Learn and TensorFlow libraries to show you how Data Scientists “learn” a model to a dataset and how to make predictions with those models. We will also be covering the finer points of ML Modeling, namely Data Prep, Parameter Selection, and testing Model performance.

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