Alumni Spotlight - Ryan McQuilkin

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Ryan McQuilkin was working in a warehouse for a construction equipment parts company when he first heard about SoftStack Factory on the Radio. After checking out our website, curriculum and taking a look at what kind of jobs were out there he realized that this would be the perfect experience to learn the skill set that is in demand.

Now, after completing the SSF development camp, Ryan has a career in the technology field and shares with us his excitement to continue learning and growing the skills he acquired at SoftStack Factory.



Did you try to learn to code on your own before researching coding bootcamps?

I had taken some coding classes in college, but I hadn't pursued it much further than that. I had a positive experience with a good teacher and that helped to encourage me to make the commitment to SoftStack Factory.

When did you realize you were ready to learn at a coding bootcamp?

I had known for a while that I was ready to move on from my job and start a career. For me, taking time off of work to learn a new skill was not something that was easy but I knew that the opportunity was too valuable to be hesitant.

What were you most excited to learn about?

I was mostly excited to just learn everything I could. After I started using my newly acquired skills I found that I really enjoyed backend development.

What did you most enjoy of the learning experience?

The fast pace actually was really enjoyable for me. There was a lot of ground to cover but I never felt stressed out or that I was falling behind.

What was your favorite part of the SSF camp?

Wednesday night was D&D night. A few of us would get together after school on Wednesday and just hang out for a few hours playing games.
It was a great way to unwind in the middle of the week and it helped me make some lasting friendships.

How was your job search after the camp was over?

The job search was a great success for me. I got a job working with some really smart people and I'm learning a lot from them. The project I'm working on is great and I'm really proud to be part of it.

How did SSF prepare you for your current job?

SoftStack Factory opened the door for me to learn on my own. I was given an amazing base of knowledge to work from, and from that I was able to learn on the job much faster than I would have otherwise. I was definitely prepared for my first day in my new career and it's been an incredible learning experience ever since.