We had our second 2 Day Qualifier Event, Check it out!


On the weekend of 5/14-5/15 2016 we had our second official 2 Day Qualifier to qualify for our June Camp!  We received a total of 25 applicants for this qualifying event.

SSF is a new development bootcamp and we are continuously improving our selection methods and curriculum. For this up and coming  cohort we added a few more steps to our selection process, we added online pre-work that must be completed prior to being invited to the qualifier.  Our June summer camp is a bit longer instead of 12 weeks it will be  14 weeks, we  extended our midterm project by 1 week and we have one week off for summer vacations.

8 out of  25 students completed all the steps to be invited qualifier event to attend our fee free immersion program.  The qualifier event happened at our donated office suite that Satellite Phone Stores donated to us for 9 months,  the sub lease is expired and we are  moving to a new temporary location close to Petco Park home of the Padres.

On the first day our applicants were introduced to SoftStack Factory its story, mission and what to expect during the course.  The students met each other and our team. The first  activity  was to fill out some paperwork, take a problem solving, pattern recognition, algebra quiz and then a temperament questionnaire.  Then we started with an HTML and CSS course that spanned into the second day.   

The second day we continued with our applicants working on HTML and CSS course which was completed around 1PM.  We took a lunch break and upon return the students were given a Javascript project to do based on the pre-qualifier work that they had completed prior to attend the event.  We discussed a bit more about what the full 14 weeks would be like at SoftStack Factory once  again and asked about their interests to continue!   We were clear that only 6 would be able to attend since our cohorts are small due to space and level of attention we provide to our students. The week following we identified the 6 students that would be part of our next cohort and notified them.

We really appreciate all the effort to make this weekend happen and want to thank all of our Sponsors and the SoftStack Factory team for their support. We look forward to our new cohort and how the process will become a life changing for all of them!

If you missed our June Camp application opportunity you can still register your interest for our next cohort! Just use the following link and we will get in touch with you as soon as application process re-opens! http://www.softstackfactory.com/for-applicants/

Help SSF grow! Do you have a mobile development project? Send us request and become a SoftStack Factory Sponsor! Contact us for more information: http://www.softstackfactory.com/become-a-sponsor/