RideShare - The new SoftStack Factory project!

    SoftStack Factory is always innovating, this cohort we decided to create our own app, giving the students a chance to work on an original SoftStack Factory idea! The group is working together and developing an awesome app that can help the environment and also save people money!

    The SSF bootcamp is 12 weeks long, and as the students approach the end of the classes, comes the time to take all the knowledge they acquired into action and start developing! Usually the last six weeks of the program consist in developing the sponsor app, a real application, from a real client with a real purpose! This time the students, with the guidance of our experienced mentors, will create a SoftStack Factory app idea around ridesharing  that could go to the marketplace.

  RideShare is an application where drivers and riders can find each other, selecting their destination, preferences and even ranking each other after the car ride! It uses geolocation, name matching and other techniques to determine ride matches and it will be available on mobile device and web browser!

    Here is how it works: A driver is going from one point to the other and his car is not full, he can use the app to offer a ride in his personal vehicle to others that are going to the same destination, or even somewhere along the way! It allows both drivers to offer a ride and riders to request a ride to the same destination! This way the driver and the rider can share the cost of the drive, saving money and also helping the environment, since there will be less cars on the road.

    RideShare will also map the rider’s/driver’s location 10 minutes before the pickup, it will allow Facebook sign-up/login, showing mutual friends which could make you more comfortable choosing  whom they want to ride with!

    This final project provides the students the opportunity to experience a real development teams activity, with real set of tasks and timelines as they would encounter in the job market. This gives them the confidence  they need when entering the technology job market with the skills they need to succeed as they leave SoftStack Factory!  

    Keep checking back for more news on this amazing app! If you or your company want to Sponsor a cohort and commission an app just get in touch with us on our website!

   Are you motivated and want to learn how to code? Or do you have a student that fits our profile or know someone that does? Apply or nominate someone here!