Graduation and new cohort!

This last 5 to 6 weeks have been extremely busy at SSF! Our last cohort just graduated in September and we celebrated this achievement by handing out our certificates and one of our awesome sponsors provided us with tickets to a Baseball game that evening and we attended as  a large group.

As our 5 students wrapped up 14 full weeks of intense learning, this cohort was 2 weeks longer that our standard 12 week cohorts, a new selection process to fill up a new cohort also started.

We received 200 registrations of interest on our website prior to our application period opening. We invited all the registrants to apply via an email blast.  During our short application period we received 38 applications. From those, 30 were invited to continue on our rigorous process where they were challenged to work online and learn a little bit more about coding via a Khan Academy Course. Fifteen applicants finished the Khan Academy course and were further challenged with a JavaScript problem, where they needed to build a  functioning solar system using the knowledge they acquired during the Khan Academy course.

Eleven applicants were invited to the event to qualify for our 6 available spots for the upcoming  cohort that started on October 10. The event happened at MindTouch an SSF sponsor within one of their wonderfully equipped conference rooms. Nine applicants showed up to the event and worked the whole weekend learning HTML and CSS that extended their knowledge and got them ready to potentially join the next cohort. The applicants also had to take a problem solving test and do a small project with the knowledge they had just gained. All applicants showed a great amount of enthusiasm and motivation, that inspired us to create new a process for us to teach to more students with our limited space and allow all participants that were qualifying at event to become students of SSF.  Now the students of this cohort are divided into teams that take turns being onsite and offsite, when a team is offsite they will be using video conferencing technologies allowing them to participate and learn with the onsite groups.

Congratulations to all our new students!

We want to thank MindTouch for allowing us to use your conference room during the 2 day qualifier, special thanks to Erik Birkfeld and Oscar Cornejo for hosting us on the two days. Thank to our CEO Harold Gottschalk and our teacher John Brown for his support in running the sessions.

Did you miss this application period? Register interest on our website and we will let you know as soon as applications open again!