Do you want to be more involved in your community and help making a difference?

We are always looking for motivated

volunteers to help us run a cohort!

If you are a retired software engineer, manager, leader, developer or just love the SSF idea, we can use your assistance! 


SFF Volunteer program

The new volunteer program is focused on developing the participant's leadership skills. There are two roles volunteers can apply for in the new program. The first is SSF Volunteer Facilitator, where the volunteer will guide students through learning the SSF curriculum. The second role is the SSF Volunteer Project Lead, where the volunteer directs a team through the completion of an app.

To qualify as a volunteer for SSF you must fit at least one of the following criterias:

  • Completed Intermediate course and have a Facilitator’s recommendation
  • Application and Interview
  • Have been a Facilitator for SSF before


The volunteer are expected to be available to participate in at least 2 courses of the same level. On the first course the volunteer will be the assistant Facilitator, gaining an understanding of the curriculum and how to teach the material. On the second course the volunteer will be the Facilitator for the cohort, with the assistance of the next volunteer that is starting his first rotation as assistant Facilitator.


Send us an e-mail telling how would you be available to help SoftStack Factory!

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