Welcome to our August Intro to Programming class!

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Yesterday was the start of our August Intro to Programming class and we had the pleasure to welcome our new students into their programming journey with SoftStack Factory!

For the next four weeks this group of motivated people will learn programming fundamentals using Vanilla Javascript and basic HTML/CSS, work on assessment projects and a final test to move into our 8 week MEAN Stack program. And for the whole way we will be here to help them achieve their goals.

From all of SoftStack Factory: Welcome to your programming journey!

San Diego Business Journal tells a little bit of our story

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Last week the San Diego Business Journal shared little bit of our story, including how our CEO Harold Gottschalk came up with SSF’s idea and also some of our total students numbers. The article also mentions where a few of our former students landed jobs recently as well as the story of our former student Jonathan Cole, who now applies the knowledge he acquire at SSF on his current job at the B2B marketing startup LeadCrunch.

Check the full article here!

Happy Holidays!

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2018 was a great year! 

We would like to thank everyone that was a part of SoftStack Factory during this year. 
To all of our facilitators, volunteers, team members, and students may your Christmas holiday be filled with cheer, warm memories, and happiness. Thank you for all your support and for helping SoftStack Factory grow in so many ways this year. 

We would also like to congratulate all of our current and past students for choosing SSF and being a part of our family. We are always looking for ways to improve and help you learn even more, for that reason we would like to invite you to further explore our new classes. 

For this new year, we are starting an Intro to Data Science and Machine Learning Course! 
Soon you will be able to find more information on our website and apply to those new classes. 

We wish you a festive and safe Holiday Season.  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

SoftStack Factory Team 

Real World Coding Project | National Veterans Transition Service

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The last step of our program is the Group Project. Here, our students work together on a real world project with code reviews, collaborative GIT, heroku and deployments!

This cohort is currently wrapping up their project and creating a product for another amazing non-profit, the National Veterans Transition Service (NTVTS).

Survey results show that 81 percent of transitioning military personnel do not “feel fully prepared for the process of entering the job market”, and NTVTS is there exactly to help in this transition. The National Veterans Transition Service developed the REBOOT Workshop, which is a three-week, cohort-based program that builds the emotional, psychological, social, and professional skills necessary for successful reintegration into civilian life. 

Our students are extremely happy and proud to work on a project for such an important cause! Keep checking our social media and blog to find out more about the results of the project!


Give Yourself Permission to Screw Up


Are you learning how to code? The path is long, and mistakes are a natural part of it, for that reason, you should always allow yourself to screw up a little. Errors can lead to improvement and therefore be transformed into a good thing. 

On this text, Thomas Oppong talks about the importance of giving yourself permission to screw up from time to time! 


4 Tips For Learning How To Code


Are you learning how to code, or do you want to learn? If yes, then these tips are for you!

Beginners 1 .jpg

#1 - Pick your language

It is a fact that you can’t learn it all at once, so the first step is picking what you want to learn! There are a lot of pros and cons to each programming language, but you have to keep in mind what your goal is regarding the platform you want to work with and your final product.

Beginners 2.jpg

#2 - Start from the beginning

We know you want to learn as fast as possible, but let’s agree, skipping steps will not lead to a good knowledge base. Programming is like building a house, if you leave out the foundation, it will probably not stand up properly.

Beginners 3.jpg

#3- Ask questions (a lot!)

Have a question? Don’t keep it to yourself. If you have a teacher or tutor don’t be afraid to ask questions (especially if you are a SSF student, our team will be always happy to help) and if you are learning by yourself there are a lot of forums online where you can ask questions and get some help.

Beginners 4.jpg

#4 – Practice, practice and practice

The best way to learn is actually coding and the best way to keep what you learned is practicing! So what are you waiting?

How To Develop An Instant Message App

How to - Whatsapp.jpg

By Octodev blog

Did you know that the average person sends out up to 14 text messages a day? Many of smartphone users do so by using instant message application, such as WhatsApp. But how are does apps made? As a developer or someone learning how to program, you might be thinking, how hard it is to develop an app like this? Well, here is your answer! On this article from Octodev you can learn all the steps to make your own instant message application! Check it out!


New friends, new possibilities and new graduation

Just like technology itself, SoftStack Factory is in constant change, always trying to improve. As we move forward and learn from each cohort, we decided to create a new model of learning and working.

From our qualifier to our course structure, volunteering options and new partnerships, we have different plans and projects for this year.

This year Softstack Factory started a partnership with LEARN Academy, also located in San Diego. Our new class structure allow classes to take place at our friends location at LEARN.

Our first cohort completed the new JavaScript MEAN Stack Spin-Up program and the students received their certificates on the last May 15!


Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is here! As we look back and give thanks for all the positive things that happened this year we decided to continue with the SSF tradition of giving back to the community also.

Last Friday SoftStack Factory team and a few of the students got together to make over 70 lunch bags to give to the homeless of San Diego and handed them out around the school, in East Village Downtown. We hope to remind everyone that small acts like this is a great way of giving thanks for what we have by helping others in need! You can check here a few pictures of the event.

We are thankful for being able to change people’s lives, we are thankful to inspire and to be inspired by so many around us.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and amazing start of the holiday season.


SoftStack Factory team.  


Creating new ways to help!

SoftStack Factory was created to help people find their passion for technology and grow, both professionally and personally. Every time the application process is opened we get to meet several new millennials that are motivated to learn and discover their potential for programming. This last application process was no different. We hosted a two day qualifier at Mindtouch one of our sponsors and by the end of the event we decided to create a new teaching approach to accommodate all the qualifier students within the next cohort given our limited physical space.

SSF can only function with the help of our amazing partners, sponsors and volunteers and that includes our current location, which is provided by one of our sponsors Heeron Law. To be able to teach more students with our limited space our CEO created a new process allowing all participants that qualified to become students of SSF. Now the students of this cohort are divided into teams that take turns being onsite and offsite, when a team is offsite they use hangouts video conference technology, allowing them to participate and learn with the onsite groups. To improve the learning process, we identified which students would be more comfortable rotating first and now two teams come in 3 days a week and one team 4 days a week, allowing all teams to be present each week.

We are currently on week number 4 of the 12 weeks of intensive classes, where the students spend an average of 8 hours a day Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 PM dedicated to learning a complete technology stack and best practices regarding technology and corporate etiquette.

Creating ways to help more students is just one of the ways that motivates  everyone at SSF!

Want to help SSF? You can be a sponsor, commission an app or volunteer! Find out more at our website http://www.softstackfactory.com/become-a-sponsor/

Did you miss this application period? Register interest on our website and we will let you know as soon as applications open again! http://www.softstackfactory.com/for-applicants/


Graduation and new cohort!

This last 5 to 6 weeks have been extremely busy at SSF! Our last cohort just graduated in September and we celebrated this achievement by handing out our certificates and one of our awesome sponsors provided us with tickets to a Baseball game that evening and we attended as  a large group.

As our 5 students wrapped up 14 full weeks of intense learning, this cohort was 2 weeks longer that our standard 12 week cohorts, a new selection process to fill up a new cohort also started.

We received 200 registrations of interest on our website prior to our application period opening. We invited all the registrants to apply via an email blast.  During our short application period we received 38 applications. From those, 30 were invited to continue on our rigorous process where they were challenged to work online and learn a little bit more about coding via a Khan Academy Course. Fifteen applicants finished the Khan Academy course and were further challenged with a JavaScript problem, where they needed to build a  functioning solar system using the knowledge they acquired during the Khan Academy course.

Eleven applicants were invited to the event to qualify for our 6 available spots for the upcoming  cohort that started on October 10. The event happened at MindTouch an SSF sponsor within one of their wonderfully equipped conference rooms. Nine applicants showed up to the event and worked the whole weekend learning HTML and CSS that extended their knowledge and got them ready to potentially join the next cohort. The applicants also had to take a problem solving test and do a small project with the knowledge they had just gained. All applicants showed a great amount of enthusiasm and motivation, that inspired us to create new a process for us to teach to more students with our limited space and allow all participants that were qualifying at event to become students of SSF.  Now the students of this cohort are divided into teams that take turns being onsite and offsite, when a team is offsite they will be using video conferencing technologies allowing them to participate and learn with the onsite groups.

Congratulations to all our new students!

We want to thank MindTouch for allowing us to use your conference room during the 2 day qualifier, special thanks to Erik Birkfeld and Oscar Cornejo for hosting us on the two days. Thank to our CEO Harold Gottschalk and our teacher John Brown for his support in running the sessions.

Did you miss this application period? Register interest on our website and we will let you know as soon as applications open again! http://www.softstackfactory.com/for-applicants/