The Program


The SoftStack Factory bootcamp consists of a total of 24 weeks of part time classes, where the students will spend an average of 4-6 hours a day on course work, meet two times a week as a group for 4 hours, dedicated to the learning of a complete technology stack, best practices regarding technology and corporate etiquette. The bootcamp focuses on web and mobile application development, first learning web development skills which then can be applied towards creating hybrid mobile applications that delivers native apps and backend services that can be used by both application methods. We take advantage of open source, free or almost free tools to create software in a factory like manner.

The current SoftStack Factory bootcamp offering is in the form of one 4 week qualifier session and 3 additional courses, which total 24 weeks.

Phase one, our qualifier phase course, is  "Intro to Javascript and HTML" that consists of 4 weeks of assessment projects and a final test to qualify for the follow on step.

Phase two is our “JavaScript MEAN Stack Spin-Up” course. This is an 8 week introductory course focused on learning the basic skills to program. Students focus on learning Javascript as their primary programing language, HTML5 and CSS, they also  learn Angular a MVC framework, NodeJS and StrongLoop framework to create backends to support the web applications and web services.

Phase three is our “Hybrid Mobile Application Development with Ionic" a 4 week course, Ionic mobile framework allows you to create hybrid mobile application expanding on the knowledge gained in phase two.

Phase four currently our final step the "Real World Project" is an 8 week course where you will use the previous skills learned and then the students will learn project oriented skills and complete a team project. This allows students to focus on more advanced skills and teamwork as the students work on a real world project with other students and mentors.

In order to graduate the courses, students will be expected to complete projects and quizzes that will put to practice all the skills they learned. Classes must be completed satisfactorily to receive a certificate of completion.

Students focus on Javascript as their primary programing language, HTML5 and CSS, they learn frameworks like Angular an MVC framework, Ionic mobile framework to create hybrid mobile application, nodeJS, express, Strongloop and mongoDB to create backends that support  client applications. Our approach is a modified MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) stack. Students learn to use supporting development  tools such as git, github, balsamiq, pivotal tracker, Cloud 9 IDE which they use to develop their applications in the cloud and the Ionic platform that allows them to build and deliver their applications for IOS and Android.

We believe that teamwork is key to a student's success and the success of the companies that will employ them.  

By the end of our 24 weeks our students experience a kickoff meeting, review requirements and functional specifications, students create wireframes via balsamic, students  create a wireframe prototype to better understand the flow of the application, students create data models to support an application, work with a schedule, participate in sprints and in standups to review progress and issues.

With the help of our experienced mentors, our students learn how to work in a team, spend time solving problems and creating their own products, while they work on real life projects. By the end of the SoftStack Factory program our Alumni will be ready to create web and mobiles apps, build backends to support the their applications. They will have an understanding of the possibilities within the technology world and what is expected by companies and in the end tightening the current technology workforce gap.