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A SofTStack Factory ColLaboration

You’ve got a great idea but lack the expertise it takes to bring your product to life?

Your Project

Your Project



Top Students    and Expert Leadership

Top Students

and Expert Leadership



Timely    and Effective Results


and Effective Results

Who are we?

SSF Labs incubates young talent from local technology schools and combines them with proven leadership to realize your objective in the near term, and provide a proven team for your long term success.



  • Full Stack Engineering

  • UI/UX Design

  • Decision Support

  • Machine Learning pipelines



  • We Extend Your Team

  • Continuous  Delivery

  • Supporting Your Needs


We understand that software development requires continuous revision of priorities and milestones, so we're flexible to adapt to your constantly evolving product. Naturally if and when you need guidance, we'll support you while deciding the optimal development approach.

Our process is based on incremental iterations and continuous deliveries to meet evolving customer needs, heavily influenced by lean and agile methodologies. Milestones and features are distributed within weekly or bi-weekly sprints, which may be reviewed and adjusted according to the project's priorities and deadlines.


The Team

  • We build up each team member

  • Continuous Improvement

  • We Believe in Community

Success Driven

  • Passion for our work

  • Plan for the long game

  • Achievment of desired outcome

With personal one-on-one strategic planning and career development support processes, we ensure that all team members have a clear mission. Through lectures, courses, personal projects, event attendances, open-source contributions, hackathons and many other meaningful activities, we support every team member to reach their dreams and goals.

Staying up to date with the latest technologies and processes. We love what we do, and work as team always getting better at it. To guarantee that we're delivering the best solutions, quality assurance is part of our routine. Code review, pair programming and design, constant monitoring, as well as continuous integration are at our core expertise.


Driven by the success of the products we work on, we are inspired and have a positive impact while interfacing with innovative tools, technologies, frameworks and individuals. By nurturing the relationships we get involved with, we ensure that our focus is always to create amazing solutions that make the world a better place.

We put every effort to ensure the application architecture and codebases will scale healthily. This way, we ensure the product will work well in the long run, and that new developers and designers won't have a steep learning curve when joining the project in the future.

How does it work?


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