DS 101 - Intro to Python for Data Science

In this class we will cover the necessary concepts to kickstart your data science journey. The course will center around the fundamentals of the Python Programming Language while introducing the most relevant Python libraries for manipulating and visualizing data.


Course Details:

This is the first part of our 3 month data science course, which is broken down into 2 distinct class modules. To attend these classes students are required to provide a $250 ($500 without introductory discount)  for DS 101

Python Fundamentals

Variables, Data Structures, Logic, Loops,
Functions, Working with File System,
Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Loading and Saving Data

Environment Fundamentals

Jupyter Notebooks, Project Architecture

Data Science Fundamentals

Numpy, Pandas Matplotlib and Seaborn (Standard Visualizations)

Plotly w/ cufflinks (Interactive Visualizations)

Discussions about Foundational Concepts in Data Science


  • Must be able to attend in person Tue and Thurs Evenings

  • Bring a laptop to class

  • Have the curiosity to ask questions and learn