We had our first official 2 Day Qualifier!

The weekend of 1/16-1/17 2016 we had our first official 2 Day Qualifier for our February Camp!

We received a total of 38 applicants for this qualifier, of which 15 of these finished all of the application steps and were invited for our qualifier of which 9 attended. The event happened at the Co-merge workplace and their facilities made everything easy and guaranteed a great weekend.

On the first day our applicants got the chance to learn about the SoftStack Factory story and our purpose.  The students met each other and the team. The first  activity was to take a test that measures a few things like logical thinking and math, then they worked on their introduction to programming using a JavaScript course on Khan Academy.

They also got to meet our last and first Cohort graduates as we handed them their completion certificates. Our first Cohort graduates also talked to the applicants, telling them a bit about their experiences at our coding camp.

The second day continued with our applicants working on more exercises and learning a bit more about what the full 12 weeks would be like at SoftStack Factory! By the end of the Second day we identified the 7 students that would be part of our next cohort and they will start classes on the first day of February!

We really appreciate all the effort put in to make this weekend happen and want to thank all of our Sponsors and the SoftStack Factory team. We are very excited to get to know all the new students better and hope that the 12 weeks will be life changing for all of them! 

If you are interested in applying for our next Camp in May you can do so on this link: http://softstackfactory.com/apply-or-nominate-a-student-today/

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