Top 5 things you should NOT put on your resume after attending a Coding Bootcamp

So, you just finished your Coding Bootcamp and you are ready to dive deep into the technology world and start working for the company of your dreams? But first you need to send out the perfect resume, that’s why we have summed up here the top 5 things you should NOT put on your resume after attending a Coding Bootcamp.


1.Only present a github account

While we find showing an active and well prepared github account is very important, this should not be the only thing you will present to your future employer. You should also present previous work and other projects you have done, employers want to see that too!


2.Include only recent stuff

Even if your past experiences and projects are not related to coding, they still matter. Don’t leave them out, all your work history is important, maybe your new company could use someone with a different background that can provide other perspectives to solutions that are being developed at that company!



We don’t even need to explain this one right? You never never never want to start a new job based on lies. Show your real passions, skills and experiences and you will do fine.

4.Grammar, spelling and other common mistakes

We know your goal is to work in the software development industry, but that is not an excuse to have a poorly written resume. Big companies want the complete package, show attention to the details!


5.Showing you are only interest in one development language

We know most of coding bootcamps focus on one software development language, but you should not get too attached to that one particular language. Different companies have different focuses and use different development languages, be open to learning new ones and working with them. There are several online tutorials that will help you get started on some new language you haven’t used yet!