SoftStack Factory 2 Day Qualifier Camp

SoftStack Factory is looking for motivated individuals primarily millennials (18-27 years of age) that want to change their future and go into a field of work rich in opportunity. To find out if you would be a perfect fit for our program, we are having a 2 Day Qualifier Camp, sponsored by the great folks at Co-Merge in downtown San Diego.

This qualifier event is on the weekend of 1/16-1/17 2016 from 9am to 5pm, where applicants will get the chance to demonstrate to us their propensity to learn the materials and also learn about SoftStack Factory.

All participants will spend the 2 days learning JavaScript concepts, so after spending the weekend with the SoftStack Factory team participants will have gained an introduction to programming  concepts and the JavaScript language. All the applicants will also get a chance to talk a little about themselves, tell us what motivates them and their plans to the future.

If you are motivated and want to learn how to code then apply to participate in our 2 day qualifier. Please fill out our form on our website and to apply!  If this is not for you but you know a person that fits our profile nominate a candidate and fill out the form, but let them know you did!