Meet our sponsors: Satellite Phone Store

One of our amazing sponsors is the Satellite Phone Store. They became aware of SoftStack Factory (SSF) via a mutual friend of SSF that had introduced them to our mission and goals. When they discovered SSF was in pursuit of a space in the downtown area, they had just vacated a space to accommodate their growth and offered the newly vacated space to SSF instead of subleasing it for the last 9 months.  SSF now has an amazing space to bootstrap its vision, train our students and we gained an amazing partner.

Satellite Phone Store helps the community in many other ways, did you know that satellite phones can help in natural disasters? We are all used to our phones working all the time, but during a natural disaster your phone may not work. Phones rely on infrastructure, and that can get damaged or destroyed during a disaster, causing lines to be down. Since natural disasters can strike anywhere and anytime, how can you be prepared?

All rescue services use Satellite communications to stay touch with base camps and local hospitals, so in this case Satellite Phones can be life savers.

Satellite Phone Store works with clients of all sectors: Air, Marine and Land, they can communicate with a satellite phone to anywhere in the world. The Satellite Phone Store started in 2004 motivated by a major hurricane in Florida to serve the community, now they provide satellite communication support coast to coast in the USA.

Satellite communication can go where normal cell phones can’t, they let you make calls from anywhere, in any situation you need. They don’t rely in terrestrial network, but directly to and from satellites orbiting the Earth.

SoftStack Factory is appreciative of the support of amazing companies like Satellite Phone Store.  If you or your company is interested in supporting our mission please contact us, we need more amazing supporters.


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