A new Coding Bootcamp concept!

Have you ever heard of Coding Bootcamps? Well, for the last couple of years they have been a major trend all over the US, and maybe, one of the best ideas we have heard in a while.

There are a few differences between a regular college course and a Coding Bootcamp. Bootcamps challenge the student to learn a large amount of information in a short period of time usually between 10 and 18 weeks. Students are involved in an environment where the knowledge comes from everyone and not only the teacher. Another important difference is that Bootcamp’s will focus on information with the biggest impact and relevance to current market demands. This new awesome trend in learning is a great way to make the technology worker gap smaller in America, enabling US workers to seek a new profession in a short period of time.

Since it’s such a great idea, everyone should be doing it right? Well, that’s what we think too! But Coding Bootcamps can be very expensive, and also very competitive to get in, making it too hard for people to attend.

Think about bringing the new Coding Bootcamp opportunity to anyone that wants to change their lives and enter a new profession in the technology field, Harold Gottschalk created SoftStack Factory to meet this ideal. SoftStack Factory will enable students to learn the most important and relevant technologies, best practices and also work and learn with On the Job Training. When done with SoftStack Factory, students will have all the tools they need to enter the Technology field and change their lives!

What makes SoftStack Factory new and different? We aspire to not charge any tuition, making it possible for anyone with the will to change their lives to attend it. Everyone will be able to apply and we will select the students that most fit in our learning environment and within our means.

Companies will also benefit from SoftStack Factory. With the shortage of high skilled labor in the US Tech field, a lot of companies have to turn to offshore workers, or highly pay for those resources inside the US.  When investing in SoftStack Factory, companies will be able to hire our graduates that are motivated and well trained to enter the workforce!

We will launch in Beta mode the Fourth Quarter of 2015 and we are looking for interested students and investors, if you like the idea please talk to us!

We will update this blog regularly with interesting articles and news about SSF and the Tech world, don’t miss it.  [😉]

Do you have any questions or want to know more about SoftStack Factory? We will be happy to answer you, write us today!