5 Reasons Why You Should Be Coding

Coding Bootcamps are everywhere, the technology industry keeps growing, and the wages in this field are much higher than others. Those are great reasons to start learning how to program, but if they are not enough, see if you fit in the profile with these 5 reasons why you should be coding!

Each component you create, each application you write, each feature you implement has some kind of value. That value will mean something to your public; people that use the final product or even other developers, that will enjoy the code you wrote and make their lives easier.
Things that you create can change other people’s lives on a daily basis, making it easier and better. And what can be more fulfilling than knowing you helped someone everyday?

Coding is full of details and repetition, if you are not always looking for ways to improve and interesting things to learn, you might get bored. If you are self-driven and love to boast about your work, you will love this world.
How nice is to be able to look at something you did a few months back, and to know exactly what can you improve to make your code better? That means that during those months you learned more, in software development there is always room to expand your knowledge!


Programming is all about fixing, solving puzzles and putting pieces together. So if you are good with logic problems, love to learn new tricks and to fix problems, you will be a great software developer.

Okay, so you are a creative person and programming is only numbers right? Wrong!
A new program is like a blank page, you can get creative and produce something completely new!
Frameworks, libraries, languages and more, they are all like paintbrushes that you will use to create your new piece of art, and the best thing, that artwork will be extremely useful to a  lot of people.

Well, like anything good in life, coding is full of challenges. Relax, most challenges will be very positive. Like we said before, programing is partially an art and you can get stuck sometimes, either creatively or technically. But one of the most rewarding things about coding is to finally find an elegant solution to the complex problem you have been thinking of all day.  So if you like challenges, you should definitely be coding!