Program Philosophy


Each course has a specific focus and this lets students repeat any part of the program without having to donate again. This allows you to gain mastery of a topic needed to reach your goals. You donate as you move into a new course, so no need to donate the full cost of the program as well.


With online learning there is an average of 3.13 percent completion rate. Source. We take a hybrid approach. Each week we have an in person lecture and get you started on your homework. Outside of class you still have access to facilitators and other students through our program to ask questions anytime.

We believe in the value of shared experience at SoftStack Factory. The more problems you experience with code the better, whether it is your code or someone else’s.
The goal is to 10x your learning experience.

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.
— Latin Proverb



All levels,
Whether you are looking to explore if a career in programming is for you, have a computer science degree and want learn practical modern technologies, or already an analyst, we have have a track for you. Our mission is to provide access to quality education through the SoftStack Factory community.

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself.... The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.
— Warren Buffet

Web Development Track


Data Science & Machine Learning Track